Oh Snap! Coders

Detonate a castle in Minecraft

TNT is one of the blocks most favourited by the Minecraft players and we are going to mess with it today. In our game, Steve will detonate the entrance to the castle after standing on a coloured brick. Step 1 We start with building a simple castle. The constants X, Y and Z should reflect the coordinates in your world where you would like to stand to trigger the detonation. The castle will be built relative to these coordinates.


In this project, we will build a game involving zombies. Each zombie will be represented by two blocks on a square arena. They will be able to move around the arena. Each zombie will be controlled using an instance (object) of a class. Player will need to walk between zombies and avoid bites. Classes and objects Classes and objects are related to Object Oriented Programming and provide a good way to neatly structure code around common behaviours.

Let me tell you a joke

In this project, we will build a smart home in Minecraft greeting you with a random joke whenever you enter it. We will do this by combining code from a couple of the projects from “the Adventures in Minecraft” and playing with the Request library for accessing a public API to fetch jokes. The Theory and Preparations REST API “API (application programming interface) is a set of rules and mechanisms by which one application or component interacts with the others.

Minecraft Admin panel (GUI)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a GUI - Graphical User Interface. Our goal is to create an admin panel for Minecraft that would execute some of the functions we played with in other projects. In particular, this would be: Teleport the player to given coordinates​ Clear a space based on coordinates of two vertices Build a complicated maze based on chosen file and given coordinates Installation You would need the “PySimpleGUI” package installed.

Automated hosting of a Hugo website

This tutorial describes how to make a Hugo based website available for everyone over the Internet. The website would be automatically rebuilt every time we promote a change to the code repository. All of this for free. Preconditions A local website generated build with Hugo - see “A website using Hugo” tutorial. Overview Hosting of static websites is provided by many services and in this tutorial we will use one of them: render.